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Fruits Basket Volume 17: v. 17

Fruits Basket, Volume 17 - Natsuki Takaya Honestly I'm a little floored right now and the more I think about it the more worked up I get about the future. Kureno drops a pretty big bomb on poor little Tohru's head (actually several) and now even I don't have an opinion on what she should do with all this new information! The new things we learn here both make me curious and yet a little, I don't know, frustrated maybe? Kureno has given us a lot to think about. But it felt to me like the implications of the biggest POW! were a little glossed over in favour of the more digestible aspects. I mean, the stuff about Akito was amazing for building his character and his relationships, definitely important and necessary. But what I really want to know is what this all means about the curse?! It felt like that should have been more of a focus point, but maybe I'm just being impatient. I have so many why?'s and how?'s that I wasn't going to be happy without some investigation or conversation about all of this madness! The next bit goes into my major spoiler heavy comments, do not read unless you've read the book!! Something else was really, where do you draw the line between being kind and being manipulated? They mentioned a few times how Kureno is a little like Tohru but I think he's made the all the wrong decisions. I can't get behind a comparison of someone who wants everyone to be happy and someone who's enabling because (in my opinion) it's the path of lest resistance. Why would you feel so much devoted sympathy for someone who hurts so many people? It doesn't make logical sense to allow yourself to be around someone who is so clearly disturbed when you have other options. Wouldn't that make you just as disturbed for enabling it? I guess everyone enables Akito, but I always felt like they do it because they don't have another choice, whereas he does and yet! Also, he feels sympathy for the other members of the Zodiac, but his decision to not tell them that his curse is broken is just bah! Maybe if they knew it was possible, maybe if they gained some of this knowledge for themselves they would have a better shot at also being free. But instead he keeps his mouth shut, all for Akito's sake? I don't see this as a problem with the story or writing, actually the twist here is brilliant! But I think Kureno as a character has issues he's not acknowledging. He needs to get over his duty bound nature and lose some of his damn composer! He's been cut off from the other members for so long that I don't think he really understands what he's doing (or not doing). Hopefully his telling Tohru all this was a way for him to reach out to someone who can do what he couldn't. I'm just so conflicted! I like him and understand him somewhat, but I also want to smack him! I want to make sure I get this ranty feelings all down because this feels like a volume that is setting up the rest of the story. The final arc of Tohru's journey has officially been spotted in the distance and although it's just a haze little spec of a nothing you know that once we're coming up on it, it'll be fast! I think this is officially the start of all that!I'm so anxious to really know how this all plays out that I have actually put out requests for the rest of the series so I can read strait to the end. Hopefully they'll all come in soon!One last thing! I already mentioned that Akito gets a big reveal of background information and unfortunately part of that surprise was something I already knew. I've known since before I started the manga and was just watching the anime for the first time. I remember that it was some prick who spoiled it in a comment on some random fandom thing, so that didn't have as big of a punch for me as it will for some readers. But the stuff about his family was very WOW! Things are starting to all come together... and yet not come together... but yay messed up togetherness!