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I always seem to be on the move having lived in seven cities and counting in my nineteen years. I'm not on the run from the law as many have assumed (at least I don't think so), but moving around has given me an appreciation for how places make stories and people make memories. While change is inevitable, books are the friends that I take with me from place to place. They comforted me when I was sick, they push me to continue to learn and grow into myself, and most importantly they opened me up to the possibilities of living in thousands of places all at once.


I primarily read YA fiction, as well as a lot of graphic novels and manga. However, I tend to be this combination of odd reads, so expect the unexpected!


Cheesy Life Quote: "In this world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself." - Frantz Fanon

Amulet, Vol. 1: The Stonekeeper - Kazu Kibuishi Rating 3.5 StarsWell in this one we've pretty much got everything. Death, squiggle monsters, elf princes, a bunny-bot, the cast of Wall-E, a surprising amount of tentacles, and somehow it all works! Imaginative only begins to describe the world that you're being introduced to and with the amount of world building we're given I was delighted by the fact that it never felt like an info-dump. Instead things rather smoothly, transitioned from one sudden event to the next.Emily and Navin are our two young heroes, a brother-sister duo with a determination to save their mom from the tentacle monster that's kidnapped/eaten her. It's a pretty basic backdrop but you can see the complexities of the plot starting to build up around it. As characters, Emily and Navin aren't given a lot of introduction but what we know is sufficient enough to identify with them. I feel rather attached to Emily despite the fact that I don't know her well. Seeing a little girl act so strong shows a side of how resilient children can truly be when faced with difficult situations. The mother also plays a great role in the story. Granted, she's just an excuse for them to travel to this mysterious world and ends up spending most of her screen time either inside a monster or unconscious. However, she isn't the bad parent we're all used to seeing in these sort of stories. For this alone, she's already gained some major points. With the art, the details are done to the microscopic level and the style is wonderful to look at. But what really makes this book special is the colouring, the shading, and the inking. Each of these elements make the illustrations jump off the page and go “BAM! I AM ART!” It is positively beautiful, fantastical, magnificent, and all those other happy words. To sum things up, Amulet #1 is an easy read with a great adventure story. The art will captivate even the older readers and is definitely something I would recommend checking out for yourself. I wasn't expecting much of Amulet but I have ended up happy with the end results.