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I am a lover of libraries, a reader of everything, a girl easily swayed by pretty pictures, and overall just your average, nerdy fairy princess.


2013 is the year I'm finally keeping up a regular reading blog Reading Robyn! There I post extended versions of my GR reviews so be sure to check that out!


I always seem to be on the move having lived in seven cities and counting in my nineteen years. I'm not on the run from the law as many have assumed (at least I don't think so), but moving around has given me an appreciation for how places make stories and people make memories. While change is inevitable, books are the friends that I take with me from place to place. They comforted me when I was sick, they push me to continue to learn and grow into myself, and most importantly they opened me up to the possibilities of living in thousands of places all at once.


I primarily read YA fiction, as well as a lot of graphic novels and manga. However, I tend to be this combination of odd reads, so expect the unexpected!


Cheesy Life Quote: "In this world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself." - Frantz Fanon

Street View: The New Nylon Book of Global Style - Nylon Magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett, Editors of Nylon Magazine Ah, the wonder that is street fashion! The magic combination where your average Joe/Jane turn into a fashion artist of the world. Waking up to dig through their closets and find that outfit that shows the mix of "I do this everyday!" and "I am a sexy beast!".Street View is a collection of full page photographs and teeny-tiny personality profiles (name, age, occupation, brands their wearing, random question.) of people found on the street, just walking around lookin' awesome, or in some case just crazy enough to be called "trendy". Each section is separated by location and has a little blurb about fashion in that region, which I choose to skip over because let's be honest I'm only here for the pretty pictures. I loved flipping through this, it's interesting to see what people can actually pull off wearing and it gave me some interesting ideas. The photographs are overall good quality and show off the cloths and the person wearing them quite nicely. I did have a problem with some of their formatting, with photographs being pushed into the crease of the spine which made them difficult to look at without ironing the book flat. This was only a problem on a few of the pages but it's not something you want to see at all in a collection like this. I also had a an issue with the variety, there isn't a lot in terms of the actual people. Everyone seems to fall into similar shapes and sizes, the majority look kind of real but I would have liked to see a little bit more range.Overall, this was an incredibly interesting book to flip through even in terms of just being a photography collection. Absolutely love it. It should be warned, readers looking for a fashion guide should keep in mind that this was published two years ago and consider keeping an eye online or in magazines rather then traditional print.