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I always seem to be on the move having lived in seven cities and counting in my nineteen years. I'm not on the run from the law as many have assumed (at least I don't think so), but moving around has given me an appreciation for how places make stories and people make memories. While change is inevitable, books are the friends that I take with me from place to place. They comforted me when I was sick, they push me to continue to learn and grow into myself, and most importantly they opened me up to the possibilities of living in thousands of places all at once.


I primarily read YA fiction, as well as a lot of graphic novels and manga. However, I tend to be this combination of odd reads, so expect the unexpected!


Cheesy Life Quote: "In this world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself." - Frantz Fanon

Tokyo Mew Mew Omnibus 2 - Reiko Yoshida, Mia Ikumi I don't understand. What is it about this series that I'm missing? This is about to get a little ranty, you've been warned. To start with, why don't we just forget about those other four girls on the Mew Mew "Team"? They have been thrown to the side lines for four volumes now, which has resulted in them hardly have any background information; absolutely no story lines of their own; and they only show up when Ichigo wants to complain about them or needs help in battle. What's the point of having a group if they aren't even a central part of the story after four volumes?! I honestly don't understand!! Instead the focus is entirely put on the relationship between Aoyama and Ichigo. I do not like Aoyama. He consistently shows behaviour that is incredibly red flag and Ichigo's relationship with him has gradually made me dislike her as well. We have crossed into Bella Swan territory here.There's a moment when Ichigo thinks her DNA has permanently morphed and instead of worrying about the rest of her life, her friends, her family, how things may never be the same way again and her entire life is gone, her first prominent thought on the issue: "Maybe I'll be stuck this way forever. Then I'll never be his girlfriend." pg.113 It is just incredibly frustrating when a female main character, who has such potential as a heroine, ends up crossing the line from having a crush on a boy to having really terrible priorities. I wouldn't mind it if he was just the love interest, but then we have moments where she answers her phone during battle just to talk to him or when she tries to save the world really quickly because he's waiting for her and she doesn't want to upset him by being incredibly late while this thing is trying to kill people and she's focused on trying to get to her date. PRIORITIES.Sigh.The storytelling is poorly focused and when all five girls are together the dialogue is so jumpy it has no flow to it. I feel like the most intelligible conversations came from the villains, so I started rooting for them. You take back your planet! You get those Mew Mews and their lack-lustre personalities! You've certainly earned it for putting up with such terrible battle banter!I don't understand it at all! Why do you all like this so much?! < cries >