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I always seem to be on the move having lived in seven cities and counting in my nineteen years. I'm not on the run from the law as many have assumed (at least I don't think so), but moving around has given me an appreciation for how places make stories and people make memories. While change is inevitable, books are the friends that I take with me from place to place. They comforted me when I was sick, they push me to continue to learn and grow into myself, and most importantly they opened me up to the possibilities of living in thousands of places all at once.


I primarily read YA fiction, as well as a lot of graphic novels and manga. However, I tend to be this combination of odd reads, so expect the unexpected!


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Ninth Key - Meg Cabot For a second book in a series, Ninth Key was fun to read but it didn't wow me. I expected this to pack more of a punch then it did and ended up having a couple very big problems with the way the plot of the story is developed. Ninth Key has its good moments, especially when Suze is kicking butt, but there were to many instances when the obvious solution to a problem would be overshadowed by where Cabot wanted the storyline to go. The convenience factor of some of the events were just too obvious to ignore and these issues made it difficult for me to look back at the book now that I've finished and not instantly think of the negative. I did however, have fun reading this in the moment. I love Suze to pieces. I felt like her personality was a lot more consistent and her narrative kept me engaged the whole way through. The best part of the whole book has to be how undeniable Suze's charisma really is. She has some excellent zingers and her dialog is always pretty sharp.I would have liked to have seen more development of the secondary characters, instead of Suze just reiterating what was revealed in the first book. But they were all still a very interesting bunch. This also applies to our new baddies, yet again we are introduced to a handsome young man in immediate danger that sets Suze's hormones a blazin'. The way that storyline plays out was very over-the-top, but that is exactly what made those characters so much fun. Although, I still don't think "Tad" is a name. I need proof that anyone has every been called that in the history of ever before I submit that "Tad" is in anyway a first name, let alone an actual word.Jesse deserves a bit of a mention since he has yet to really win me over as a love interest. I'm hoping as he gets more "fleshed out" that I'll find something that interests me about him. But there was nothing really new on that front. This book left me with a lot more frustrated sighs then book one even came close to, but even with the problems I had I'm going to continue to see this series through. Book three here I come!